среда, 8 июня 2011 г.

3rd Bass - Derelicts Of Dialect (1991)

01. The Merchant Of Grooves
02. Derelicts Of Dialect
03. Ace In The Hole
04. French Toast
05. Portrait Of The Artist As A Hood
06. Pop Goes The Weasel
07. Sea Vessel Soliloquy
08. Daddy Rich In The Land Of 1210
09. Word To The Third
10. Herbalz In Your Mouth
11. Al'z A-B-Cee'z
12. No Master Plan No Master Race
13. Come In
14. No Static At All
15. Eye Jammie
16. Microphone Techniques
17. Problem Child
18. 3 Strikes 5000
19. Kick Em In The Grill
20. Green Eggs And Swine
21. Derelicts Of Dialect (SD50 Remix)
22. Pop Goes The Weasel
23. M.C. Disagree And The Re-Animator

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